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Akfgfragments.com is evolving

August month is now over, as well as holidays and here I am, bringing you news about the new version of akfgfragments.com and things that we are trying to do for 2015. To explain what is going on, I must do a brief recap of what is akfgfragments.com today. Akfgfragments.com is a fansite built by fans all over the world, talking about the Japanese band Asian Kung-Fu Generation and where you are supposed to find contents about the band. Supposed because since we launched the actual version of the site, we failed at writing contents regarding the band's members, songs analysis, debates, band pictures and good tablatures.

Actually, we were in a time where things were different than the past few years, that is to say we wanted to be only focused on Asian Kung-Fu Generation, while there were too many good things to talk about and which weren't exactly related to AKFG (Gotch solo career, Phono Tones, The Future Times etc). With this actual version, I was like starting to create a brand new wall on a wall already being used for a house, so things were confusing, people were asking more contents as well as talking about more things which weren't ajikan 100% related.

With Gregory, we started to talk about it and since our skills into webdesign/webmaster were improved, and the actual design was based on a framework call "Bootstrap" which is totally lame (you can see that the design is, well, average or good if you are a die hard supporter of akfgfragments; since I am in charge of the design, I would have done crap things or hack to have a "good design") we decided to start a brand new version of the website, and since the 5th birthday is coming soon, we must put things into a brand new dimension.

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No Nukes 2014 festival will be soon held, for 3 days instead of two, from September 29 to October 1 at Zepp DiverCity. The setlist for this year is very poor, only 6 bands are coming to play on stage, 2 bands per days (maybe more but that's all we got for now).
Well, this is actually a bad news for the festival and the anti nuclear energy movement since the last year festival had not so many visitors coming, let's see the details.

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Yusuke Nakamura, artist known for his art and considered as the fifth member of Asian Kung-Fu Generation was in France at the beginning of July to visit Paris and to do a fan sign at the Japan Expo.

To summarize, I had the chance to meet with a wonderful human being, very very kind and full of happiness, to talk with him and participate to an interview with a friend and to have many things from him and Ajikan signed. The interview is only coming between August and September, so thanks to merry90s for her help with the AKFG and Nakamura translations, we decided to follow and translate Yusuke Nakamura's blog for the foreigners fans. You will be aware of his fan sign sessions as well as his last works. On January, for the 5th anniversary of the site, we will launch a new version of the site, providing you contents about various artists that have a link with Ajikan and among them, Yusuke Nakamura can be found. While we are working on it, we will post the Yusuke nakamura news on the Akfgfragments forum's part.

I am going to translate my report of this day with Nakamura san and post it this week. Meanwhile, you can read his report of his trip in France. Hope you'll like it.

I went to France~ First part

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