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"Can't Be Forever Young" Gotch first solo album

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After 3 EPs released under his own label Onlyindreams Records (Wonderland was the last released), Masafumi Gotoh is releasing his first solo album called
Can't Be Forever Young.

Gotoh worked with the band "The Chef Cooks Me" for this album, Kita, Yamada and Kiyoshi are not related to this album. This is not an Ajikan album neither a sign of a disband.

The album will be released on April 19th 2014 in a LP+CD edition, 1500 copies signed will be available at Record Day Store and the CD edition on April 30th 2014.

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Vote and comment for your favorite Ajikan fan banner

This is the second contest, where you had to do one or several fan banners for the website.

We've chosen 3 banners from 3 participants. We will name the banners A - B & C. All you have to do is to vote for your favourite banner, only one vote per people, you can only choose 1 banner, and if it is your first message on the forum, please introduce yourself here. You can also leave a feedback for the banner you prefer the most, saying why, but that's optional.

Ajikan Fan Banner A:
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Ajikan Fan Banner B:
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Ajikan Fan Banner C:
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(Ajikan Fan Banner C example with new Ajikan release:)
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Every pictures displayed here are uploaded for web only, I got from the participants the PSD, so do not worry, the banner you like the most won't be pixelated at all.

The vote ends in one week, on Tuesday 25th March 2014.

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First contest results.

You were numerous to participate to the contest. Many of you shared the contests on facebook and twitter and I am very grateful for your support.

The answers were:
1) 5 versions of Mirai no Kakera exist and can be found on the dedicated page here

2) The song that has been written again is Hold me Tight. You can listen to the first version here and of course you can read the lyrics on the lyric category.

3) Administrators names are Vudjan Kiefer and Gregory Guillaumot. See the "About" section in the menu at the top, you could have found it there. Easy right?

Subsidiary: Since this question is not requested and is there to decide between who and who will win, I didn't know the exact answer before March 16th. It happens that I own 174 items in my collection. You can see the picture here

Who are the winners?

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