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This is it, after all these months working on the new site version, we managed to release it with less bugs than expected. All along it has been an hell so we're proud of the results.
We want to thanks everyone who participated to the site, and those supported us. Some of you have some questions about the site and its development. Let's talk about

Can't Be Forever Young Live in Tokyo

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On November 19th, Gotch will release his first LP live album held in June in Tokyo at Club Quattro. Just like the album Can't Be Forever Young, the LP version is made of 2 LPs plus a CD, while two weeks later, December 3rd to be accurate, the CD album version will be released.
This live album includes 4 new tracks: Route 6; Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Neil Young cover); A Shot in The Arm (Wilco cover) and Baby, Don't Cry.

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